Beavers’ Tale

Here we are, at the conclusion of our Beavers’ Tale, after one amazing, jam-packed everything-bike weekend!!!  We were lucky to have a few shots of the Beavers, but they insisted in keeping a low profile until it was time to make their big Ta-D’ah!

On Friday, September 13th, AFD Racing set up their Acro Bag near the curling rink for kids (and beavers) of all ages to get some fun air with their bikes.

Here are a few shots of the Beavers waiting in line to get registered and sign their waivers.  You can spot a few jumpers in the background getting some serious air!

IMG_4989 IMG_4988 IMG_4990

A local jumper extraordinaire willingly accepted to give this strapped-in Beaver a ride of its life!

IMG_4991 IMG_4992

This event was so popular, the lineup was 15-30 minutes long at any given time.


Here they come!



The Beaver Has Landed

The 4th Annual Beaver Bike Fest was a huge success on Saturday.  The Beavers finally found their permanent homes with Overall Male Winner Lindsey Wiebe, Overall Female Winner Leah Begon and Overall Beaver Kid Chase Ouellet.


Lindsey, Leah and Chase – those Beavers have been through an amazing adventure this summer!  Share their story and yours and bring your friends to next year’s 5th Annual Beaver Bike Fest!!!!!!!!!    Congrats!


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